Save Girl Child: From the female feticide, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other states are suffering the bride problem. In future there is a possibility not getting the brides in various states.

Above the two factors are true. If you agree the truth, to stopping female feticide. Madilu scheme, Bhagya Laxmi Bond, Tottilu bhagya schemes will give the solutions, will have to find and begin and end of the problem through easy experimental to stop female foeticide.


In which category the feticide will occurs first? It’s clear common and simple; the entire cast creed race is following the feticide there is no upper and lawyer. If so it’s, we are all response to this! Yes.., we all support to stop feticide. 

In presence department all facilities have been undergone technology to one admission record. How could we stop the female feticide from ETM Machine?

It is really possible, the ANM, Asha Representatives from children and women welfare department and pre nursery workers (Representative) bring the pregnancy patient to the general hospitals at Hobali and Village level. Each ANM has their own working (area) villages. In those villages department should give the details of women who are pregnant, these details should recorded through the online system and the ANM should have ETM’s

All over the state these ETM’s consisting one code like in one taluk three digit no (000) here total 999 taluks could register. In each taluck ANM’s should get (00) code /No for each taluk will get 99. the ratio of the ANM Should registerd total (000 00). The women who are bearing the pregnecy will be registered, for their foetal register code (00000) No’s to 99999 no’s provided for an ANM / ETM’s.


Let we take on example of Bidar. In Bidar District’s Aurad Taluk will get 001 code for taluk code and 01 for ANM and 00001 for foetal. If we glance on register code 001 01 00001 from these we can get the information in reparate from block and district wise. Providing codes to the ANM’s no one can copy the code numbers. For talluk level registration we can register at the legislative areas ex. Honnali Legislative constituency No. 110, ANM’s No. 20, registered child No. 250, It it’s in the machine 110 20 00250 recorded.



  1. When wer registered foetal as 110 20 00250 as wel the women will get the id no in reperate. This no prepared /matched the ETM. The pregnant Id No. State main severs will automatically and immediately will get the status.  
  2. The compelssion of the registration made the situation, those who’re undergone the scanning for finding the child’s gender it should be avoided.
  3. The pennant’s should not change rewrite or giving false statements should retain, because the registration is through online.
  4. Each pregnant must register and its compulsory. It they wouldn’t have registered. The right should not have any private or general hospitals for labour. If they want to labour in abroad the ID is must along with the passport. Its everybody responsibility too.
  5. They’ll get all kinds of benefits avail from the Govt. by getting exact statistical provided by pre nursery and the general hospitals.
  6. They confirm / choose first which hospital will suite them, before admitting the details should send like date of delivery and information about the pregnant.
  7. It they move from one taluk to other, one hospital to others, at that time no need to ask the details such as patient’s name, husband name, village, address or any Xeroxes.
  8. The system of leaving female child in the hospital should be stop.
  9. These registrations they may see from our office easily, in all State, National Level officer’s regarding the artificial feticide, failure of natural diseases so on.
  10. Regarding all lends of failures write have the solutions, discussions, and awareness among the public
  11. It is beneficial that through registering online we could control the child birth rate and maintaining the gap between the to and for child.
  12. To control the child birth we could imply some judicial systems etc.,



Others Benefits :

    • By providing (giving) id no’s : 110 20 00250, there is no need to correct the details such as mother’s name father’s name etc., Directly print the name of the baby and send it to the nearest Govt. offices. \
    • When they get admission in the pre nursery or in primary school, there is no confusion about there because using the ID show’s every think details of the child.
    • We can save the resource in various ways, if we use the statistical for admission to the school. We can easily find out the dropouts. Now day’s higher officials wanting the details in quick. For theirs sake the whole information will available transparently. They can contact the parents directly by getting their details from on line. We can save the money for investing on such programmes like  children survey, admission for drop outs etc.
    • We use this no’s until getting the civilians ID cards.
    • Giving sexual awareness before the marriage is essential, for this we can use.
    • Awareness programmes like the responsibilities jobs, how to lead life and the importance of women’s job programmes should launch.

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